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Every donation makes a difference. Maybe your gift will help fund a scholarship or bursary that gives a student the freedom to pursue a semester abroad. Maybe it will pay for a library database that unlocks critical insights related to a student’s capstone project. Whatever you choose to support, the value of your gift will be realized many times over.

Here’s how you can help to build Canada’s best business school:

Lazaridis Hall - $30 million

The new home of Laurier’s School of Business & Economics and the Department of Mathematics will cement our university’s standing as an institution that creates great Canadian business leaders. Lazaridis Hall will provide Laurier’s students and professors with a vastly increased capacity for collaborative work. The extraordinary use of technology and the unique building design will make our business school unlike any other teaching facility in Canada. You can be part of building this extraordinary facility by making a donation in support of Lazaridis Hall. There are numerous funding needs available from classrooms and student spaces to technology needs. Naming opportunities range from $100,000 to $5 million. For a donation of $2,500 (which can be spread over multiple years) you can name a seat in our auditorium.

Atrium | $5 million
The spectacular 8,100-square-foot atrium is anchored in the middle of the building. A stunning free-form glass roof encloses the atrium creating a bright core within the building. This multi-purpose space will be predominantly used for informal student study purposes, but can also be transformed for special events, conferences, dinners and more.

Auditorium | $3 million
This 1,000-seat, two-tier auditorium will be used for convocation, conferences, special guest lectures and teaching, and will also provide the Waterloo Region community with an intimate venue for public events. This marquee space will be one of the most prominent areas of Lazaridis Hall.

Circular Lecture Hall | $2 million
The curvilinear design of this teaching space sets it apart from the others in the building. Spanning two floors, this 300-seat space will feature exceptional audiovisual, lighting and design systems. Characterized by a prominent drum on the exterior, this facility will be one of the most prominent spaces within and outside the new building.

Lecture Halls/Case Rooms/Active Learning Classrooms | $750,000 to $1 million each
Lazaridis Hall features three 75-seat lecture halls with seating designed to facilitate discussion and group interaction. There are three additional prominent first-floor lecture halls with 150 seats each, and two active learning classrooms.

Finance Research Lab | $500,000
Located prominently on the first floor, this state-of-the-art, glass-walled facility will feature a virtual real-time trading floor.

Student Study Spaces | $100,000 to $500,000
These intimate study spaces will be used by students and teams as they prepare for case competitions, class presentations and exams.

Learn more about Lazaridis Hall.

Student Financial Assistance - $5 million

Laurier has exceptional students, but in the intense competition to recruit students with strong leadership potential, we must increase our financial incentives for future undergraduates. The average BBA student pays $9,100 for tuition and fees and needs $20,000 per year to cover the costs of education, including books, housing, food, tuition, fees and more. Your financial support will help us attract top students.

Whether a scholarship, bursary or a blend of both, student awards recognize and support students who exhibit academic excellence, outstanding leadership and teamwork skills and/or financial need.

Awards can be granted to high-achieving students entering their first year at Laurier or to students already in the business program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Awards can also be renewable, allowing students to receive the award throughout their degree, conditional upon continued performance.

  • Scholarship encourages entrepreneurial spirit

    As the youngest member in a family of five, there was always an expectation that I would follow in my brother and sister’s footsteps (who are both pharmacists). I...

International Initiatives - $4 million

Acquiring a global perspective is important for students entering the job market. Your support will strengthen our programs and enable students to test themselves in real world situations and against other students around the world.

Your donations will fund more global opportunities for co-op placements, study terms, student exchanges, seminars, workshops and conferences. With your help, students will develop their teamwork and leadership skills while sharing knowledge and insight into North American business.

Our faculty members and community supporters are developing partnerships that have led to internationalized courses. Students have the chance to work virtually and on site with teams in Israel, France, Germany, China, the U.S., and other locations. With your help, we can do more.

As students broaden their understanding of cultures and countries beyond Canada, they will create invaluable relationships. An international network, established before students begin their careers, will give Laurier students a leg up on the competition.

Professorships and Chairs - $5 million

Laurier’s formula for success depends on engaging and inspiring faculty members. Our outstanding professors are Canadian leaders in research and teaching. We need your help to attract more leaders and retain the top academic talent that we currently have.

Laurier is in one of the most competitive areas in Canada for teaching talent. But with your help, we can make sure our professors are the best in Canada.

Your donations will fund professorships and research chairs. These prestigious appointments allow us to support professors as they study current trends and issues in business today. Our professor’s research findings will have valuable influence on how companies do business.

Our professors, in addition to being top researchers, are also top teachers. They will ensure our students are on top of the newest trends, understand the latest technology and are able to analyse situations to make the best decisions.

By supporting professors at Lazaridis School, you will be investing in the knowledge that helps Canada to ascend in the global economy.

Your donation will help to increase professorships and chairs in the following areas:

  • Marketing (digital and social media)
  • International Strategy: Pacific Rim
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Technology Management
  • Finance: Investor Behaviour
  • Accounting

For information on donating to professorships and chairs, please contact us at 519.884.0710 X3821 or

Entrepreneurship - $3 million

With your support, we’ll expand our entrepreneurship programming and generate the entrepreneurial spirit in all of our students.

A true hallmark of a Laurier business education is our track record of graduating successful entrepreneurs (E*TRADE Canada and Challenger Motor Freight to name just a couple).

For more than 12 years, the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship has been instilling entrepreneurial thinking and skill sets in thousands of Laurier students. Under direction of the Schlegel Centre, the university’s innovation & entrepreneurship focus gives all students the chance to take a faculty-specific course in transforming their passion into a viable business.

You can help to expand on the entrepreneurial offerings available to students, such as our LaunchPad program.

This fourth year course brings students, alumni, faculty members and community partners together to support each other in creating successful new enterprises.

Before enrolling in LaunchPad, participants must submit a new venture idea for a review on its viability and scalability. If they pass the review, the students are personally guided through the startup creation process by experienced staff that will teach, coach and mentor them individually.

After completing LaunchPad, the students continue to have access to the many levels of support within the program. Your donation can fund resources to help students develop their businesses, including exposure to new technology, established partnerships, support services and connections to capital, research and development support and commercialization expertise.

More than 40 new enterprises are currently in development. Your support of LaunchPad will help provide the one-on-one mentorship that has made this program so successful for Laurier’s students and alumni.

Startup Fund - $5 million

With your help, we will build a $5-million Startup Fund to serve as a real-money finance lesson for senior business and economics students.

The Laurier Startup Fund operates through a senior-level investment course that supports students in finding, evaluating and investing in new enterprises.

Participants gain valuable entrepreneurial experience conducting extensive due diligence, meeting with company founders, key team members and other early stage investors, and, ultimately, making investment decisions with real money.

Laurier has partnered with the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN), one of Canada’s most vibrant networks of angel investors. By attending monthly GTAN meetings, students hear startups make their pitches and see how professional investors evaluate enterprises.

Since January 2014, the Laurier Startup Fund has reviewed 15 companies, and conducted intensive due diligence on seven. The students will make their first investment for approximately $100,000 in the coming months.

With your help, we can reach our goal to have students participate in three to four investments per year. The number and value of the investment opportunities will grow as the Fund grows. As an evergreen fund, any realized gains are reinvested into the fund.

The Fund was launched by a $1-million gift by alumni Mike and Hennie Stork, strong community leaders and promoters of Laurier’s ability to produce exceptional business managers. Another local family has just come forward with an additional gift of $500,000. Your donation will help to build the Laurier Startup Fund into a $5-million pool that will empower our students to become managers with direct experience in venture capital investing – adding critical strength to our local and national entrepreneurial capacity and ambitions.

  • Laurier Startup Fund Created

    In the fall of 2013 Wilfrid Laurier University announced a $1-million gift from Michael and Hennie Stork in support of a new Laurier Startup Fund. The announcement took place...

Excellence in Business Education - $3 million

At Laurier, we believe that the best way for students to learn – and to learn to lead – is by immersing themselves in practical situations where they can apply their academic learning.

Laurier has historic strength in this approach. But with your help, we can do more.

You can support students on more co-op work terms. You can fund students’ participation in case competitions. You can send them on exchange or study trips internationally. You can help us attract professionals and companies into our classrooms to share their experience with our students.

When the McGrath Centre for Excellence in Business Education was established in 2008, it became Laurier’s first centre focused on seeking out and implementing the world’s best teaching methods.

Among other projects, the Centre provided funding for more than 50 Laurier student leaders to travel to colleges in China to run the International Student Leadership Conference. Those students worked with nearly 1,000 Chinese high school students to develop their teamwork and leadership skills while sharing knowledge and insight into North American business.

The fees for taking part in competitions and conferences like the International Student Leadership Conference can be prohibitive to many students. But experiences like this enhance students’ education in significant and impactful ways.

With your help, we will grow this Centre and provide students with more opportunities. Your funding will allow students to develop their leadership, prioritization and teamwork skills. By augmenting their education with unique experiences outside the classroom, you will give our students and faculty the edge.

Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises - $10 million

Building globally competitive technology firms is at the heart of Canada’s economic challenge in the 21st century. The Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises will play a leading role in helping to address this challenge by supporting the management knowledge needs of the current generation of technology leaders, as well as developing the next generation through its graduate and undergraduate programs.

Through executive education, research and academic programing, the Institute is positioned to be Canada’s centre of gravity to help high-potential firms scale-up and develop into the Canadian champions that provide the largest share of employment and prosperity for our economy. In partnership with local and international organizations, the Institute will play a central role in facilitating peer mentorship and interaction amongst technology executives and between those executives and the academic and policy communities that can support them.

You can be part of this institute by supporting for chairs, professorships, fellowships, scholarships and research.