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These are transformative times for Laurier as it works to redefine business education in Canada. With a $2,500 donation, you will have the opportunity to leave your mark on Lazaridis Hall — the new home of the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics and department of mathematics at Laurier. In recognition of your generous contribution, you will be able to name a seat in the Lazaridis Hall auditorium.

With your gift, you will be helping Laurier prepare our country’s future business leaders. Donate today and contribute to this new, exciting future for Laurier students and make a lasting mark in this state-of-the-art new building.

Join us. We saved you a seat.

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To complete your gift, please select one of the options below. The information you provide is stored securely with Laurier and not shared. Your seat will be marked as reserved once payment is successfully completed.

I would like to make my gift through credit card

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