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Class giving

Join with your graduating class and be part of the historic campaign to Build Canada’s Best Business School at Laurier.

As alumni, you understand the value of a Laurier degree. You are an example of how Laurier inspires lives of leadership and purpose. Now is the time you can make a difference. Each and every gift will help achieve your class’ goal, and payments can be spread over a number of years.

Make your gift today.

Class of ’66

Goal: $500,000
Fundraising for: Outside Terrace, Lazaridis Hall

Joe Watson '66Message from class champion Joe Watson ’66
“I’m helping Build Canada’s Best Business School because I gained lifelong friends (the 51st consecutive School of Business class of ’66 reunion took place this past May) and the skills required to complete a successful career in the construction industry. Laurier gave me a chance, and I want to help Laurier give that same chance to hundreds of other young men and women.”

John Schram '66Message from class champion John Schram ’66
“I’m helping Build Canada’s Best Business School because I wish to continue to give back to a great business school that gave me an outstanding start to my business career. I want to ensure Laurier’s School of Business and Economics continues to stay competitive and provide its students with the same excellent opportunity it gave me.”


$ raised so far: $290,000Class of '66 fundraising progress
% of class participating: 15.5% Class of '66 participation

Make your gift to the Class of ’66 project

Classes of ’77 and ’78

Goal: 15 seats in Lazaridis Hall
Fundraising for: ‘Row E’ in Lazaridis Hall auditorium

Five of your classmates joined the first phase of the Name Your Seat campaign and we want you make sure you have the opportunity to join them.

‘Row E’ has been exclusively reserved so the classes of ’77 and ’78 can sit with together, with their classmates.

Be a part of transforming business education at Laurier. There are 9 seats left. Take yours today!

Seats taken so far: 6/15 Classes of '77 '78 fundraising progress

Make your gift to the Class of ’77 and ’78 project

For more information or to reserve your seat contact Devan Katsof at 519-884-0710 ext. 4620 or

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Contact Devan Katsof at 519-884-0710 ext. 4620 or to talk about your class campaign.