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Bart Piwowar and Aron Tennant- MBA Entrepreneurs

Bart Piwowar and Aron Tennant share a dream: to run their own company and take control of their destiny. The two men discovered their common passion three years ago when they met as MBA students at Wilfrid Laurier University.

aron-and-bartBoth had a decade of experience working at tech startups and soon realized that pooling their talents could prove fruitful. Today, they are fully immersed in turning an entrepreneurial idea into a viable business, and they credit the Laurier LaunchPad program with grooming their success.

From their base at the Communitech Hub in Ontario’s Waterloo Region, Piwowar and Tennant have spent the last year brainstorming business ideas every Sunday and then presenting their best one every Tuesday to entrepreneurs and fellow MBA candidates for feedback. It wasn’t long before their company, EventPeeks, was born. The social media-based firm captures event moments as they happen in real time by displaying a live feed of pictures from Twitter and Instagram based on an event hashtag, with even attendees participating as activities unfold.

Piwowar and Tennant are mentored biweekly by a local entrepreneur who guides their progress and keeps them grounded. The chance to network with experienced and motivated businesspeople has really driven them.

Learning through case studies is one thing, but students like Piwowar and Tennant are demanding real-life experience. Laurier is responding by immersing students in real-world teaching tools such as LaunchPad that ensure graduates are prepared to react to real-world snafus and soar in their chosen profession.